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Ray Dalio Does Not Have Gary Cohn's Best Interest In Mind

What does Ray have against Gary?

Over the course of the last few weeks, Gary Cohn has gone from being one of the most powerful voices in the Trump White House and a future Fed Chair to being iced out by a petulant POTUS after a public disagreement over literal Nazis.


We don't want to beat a dead horse (or in this case, the career of a horse-sized man), but we've been pretty clear with our thoughts on Gary's future. But there is someone even more honest than us who has a different opinion.

During an appearance at DeliveringAlpha today (we weren't invited but they let John Carney in, so...whatever), Ray Dalio took a question from Andrew Ross Sorkin about Gary's future and pretty much begged the Big Galoot to stay in the West Wing:

ANDREW ROSS SORKIN: How important is he in the administration? If he were to leave, would that be a signal of any sort to you?

RAYMOND DALIO: First of all, I'm not, you know, inside, and I wouldn't -- if I was inside --

ANDREW ROSS SORKIN: You wouldn't tell us.

RAYMOND DALIO: In terms of my reaction, though, I would say if he was to leave, it would be terrible, because -- it would be terrible in two dimensions. It would undermine the future progress of economic with foreign -- and it would also represent in challenge in putting together the administration, which you probably know in terms of the number of jobs that are filled in this organization, Treasury Department is short of people. And the capabilities, the time and attention. And then I think it becomes also representative of what it might be like to be in the administration. It might be difficult to get the quality people in the administration. I would be concerned about the leadership. So I think it would be terrible if Gary left.

What did Gary ever do to you, Ray? Why you wanna do him like this? We all know Gary is already done at The White House...

ANDREW ROSS SORKIN: And terrible for the market?


ANDREW ROSS SORKIN: Oh, yeah, and it would manifest itself --

RAYMOND DALIO: I think it would -- yeah, I think it would be bad for the market.

And that, children, is how the pros do Radical Transparency.

But seriously, Gary, RUN!



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