Ray Dalio Turns Seeking Alpha Into Personal QVC

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Ray Dalio (Getty Images)

Ray Dalio (Getty Images)

Do you know what makes Ray Dalio sad? Certainly, the thought of Gary Cohn-less White House. Imputations against his integrity, as well. Media exposure, or so he says. People fighting to the death rather than working with one another. The firing of his friend James Comey, among other, related things. His current workspace.

But do you know what really makes Ray Dalio sad? The underlying cause of all of the above, and all of the world’s other problems.

Ray Dalio, who has built up the largest hedge fund in the world on the back of an intense internal culture advocating radical transparency, believes that "the greatest tragedy of mankind — or one of them — is that people needlessly hold wrong opinions in their minds…."

"If you don't show people things, you're going to have manipulation, you're going to have politics behind it," said Dalio. "The real question is: Can you really know what somebody else is really thinking?"

"Think how much better that would be, how much more efficient that would be."

As it happens, however, the Bridgewater chief has a solution to the tragedy, a way to make the world a better, more efficient, more radically honest and transparent a place. An easy, 210-step plan that will have you being extremely open, assertive and open-minded at the same time, avoiding the theoretical should, evaluating people accurately and not kindly, and, not coincidentally, not pleasing everyone. Learn how for the low, low price of $30, or whatever Amazon’s selling it for right now.

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