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Steve Mnuchin Is The First Millennial Secretary Of The Treasury

"For me?" Really, Stevie? Really?

Remember when we conjectured that Steven Mnuchin's only possible qualification to be Treasury Secretary was his apparent mastery of the Dark Arts?


Well, it appears that Stevie Mnooks has even lost his magical ability to get people to believe that he has the foggiest fuck of an idea what he is doing in Washington DC. For months now, Mnuchin has been crying out for a long-term raise to the debt ceiling that would allow him to pay the country's bills on time (a change for him) and keep the government funded. In addition to his boss being a mercurial adolescent seemingly incapable of working with his own party, Mnuchin has also had to deal with his own lack of Capitol Hill experience.

Long story short, with Trump dealing away Harvey relief leverage on a three-month ceiling extension, Mnuchin is now in the position of selling an unpopular deal to far-right members of congress who neither know him or trust him.

But hey, Stevie is a Yale-educated Goldmanite warlock. He's got this...

Conservative House Republicans hissed and groaned at Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin as he implored them to vote for a hurricane relief bill that includes a short-term extension of the federal debt limit.
Some Republicans, attending a closed-door meeting Friday, were infuriated by the sales pitch for the deal, especially when Mnuchin told them to “vote for the debt ceiling for me,” said Representative Mark Walker of North Carolina.

Oh, nooooo. Please tell us you didn't do that super weird creepy thing with your mouth when they started hissing...

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 12.05.45 PM

Stevie, Stevie, Stevie, what are you doing? "For me?" Were you eating avocado toast when you said this?

In an interview after the meeting, Representative Ted Yoho of Florida responded to Mnuchin’s comments by saying: “He’s not one of my constituents!”

You called this guy "Congressman YOLO" didn't you?

Representative Dave Brat of Virginia said: "The comments from the Treasury secretary today were not helpful. I found them to be intellectually insulting."

You're snowflake behavior triggered these bros, Steve. Did your wife, Millennial Antoinette, teach you nothing?

House GOP Rips Mnuchin for His ‘Vote for the Debt Ceiling for Me’ Sales Pitch [Bloomberg]



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