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Become Part Of Ray Dalio’s Joy

The Bridgewater founder is well on his to the life-coach/mystic phase of his life.
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Check out these gems from the founder of the largest hedge fund in the world and aspiring Marie Kondo. And then, of course, buy his book.

There are only two things that one has to do to be successful: know what the best decisions are, and then have the courage to make them….

To have a great life, you have to make the best possible decisions — and they don’t have to come from you. Think about the best people, the most believable people who disagree with you. Then be curious about their reasons….

I have this expression — pain plus reflection equals progress. Reflection is your instinct to say, what would I do differently in the future?

I developed this habit: Pain, let it pass, but let me reflect in an open-minded, quality way on it….

The power of knowing your weaknesses is really great. By knowing what is true, you can find out the best ways of dealing with it….

It both gives you calmness and equanimity and opens the connection between your conscious mind and subconscious mind. When you’re in your subconscious mind, that’s also where your creativity comes from….

This is my year of transition from the second phase of my life to the third phase. As you approach the third phase of your life, the joy changes. I don’t need more success. My joy is in helping other people be successful and independent.

So someone else may get to run Bridgewater one day after all?

Founder of world’s largest hedge fund wants to guide your money and your life [MarketWatch]


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