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Chuck Schumer Now Wondering Aloud If Steve Mnuchin Is Dumb Or Full Of Shit

Chuckie Brooklyn just verbally slapped the tint out of Stevie Mnook's Transition shades.

It appears that Steve Mnuchin's magical ability to appear competent does not work on people from Brooklyn.


After Stevie Mnooks told Politico's Ben White that the market would suffer and the deficit would expand if congressional democrats dare challenge the super-cool tax reform plan he wrote for President Trump, one particular congressional democrat availed himself of Ben White to let Mnuchin know that that he's a brown-nosing liar.

Chuck Schumer knows what we're talking about:

“I don’t know if the man’s deliberately lying, but it seems so,” Schumer said, referring to Mnuchin’s earlier remarks to POLITICO about the potential impact of tax cuts on the deficit. “His statements are outlandish, and he seems just to want to — I don’t know if I’m allowed to use this word; I think I am — suck up to Trump.”

But Schumer seems even more troubled by what Mnuchin's mouth does when (in Schumer's thinking) it is not saying sooth between the president's ample butt cheeks.

Schumer also attacked Mnuchin’s assertion that failure to pass the GOP’s tax bill would lead to a major sell-off on Wall Street. “It’s absurd. No one believes Steven Mnuchin,” he said. “He has lost his credibility because of statements like that. Wall Street was going up at a dramatic rate before the president even took office, and it’s doing fine now, because the economy’s doing well, because corporate profits are way up.”

Hey, at least Chuck Schumer thinks that Steve Mnuchin had credibility.

The best part of this whole thing is that even if you don't agree with Chuck Schumer politically, you almost have to see where he's coming from on this. Mnuchin is a charmless millionaire utterly lacking in both policy experience and political talent, yet he's currently being tasked with soft-selling a controversial policy across an absurdly tense political aisle. Asking Steve Mnuchin to sell a massive tax cut is like hiring Harvey Weinstein to produce your company's HR training video.

And to make it even more absurd, the Trump White House has a different, objectively better salesman just sitting there. Gary Cohn is an aggressively charming millionaire who - while also lacking in policy experience - has a proven ability to operate within a hyper-political framework. Trotting out Gary to sell this thing would be not just more efficacious, but we can all but guarantee that you wouldn't be hearing a New York politician who raised campaign funds in the last 20 years calling Gary Cohn a suck-up and a liar.

So, is Steve Mnuchin more focused on fluffing the president's ego than telling the truth? Well, he's definitely not the one who shared all those negative thoughts about neo-nazis.

Schumer takes hard line with Trump on taxes [Politico]



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