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Deutsche Bank Is Making Its Proprietary Trading Code Public To Create A Better Trading Platform For Everyone!...Why Are You Laughing?

Seriously, stop's rude..OK, now we're laughing.

Open source trading platforms are all the rage these days.


In an attempt to combine the best software with the best ideas, and then let the greatest minds improve upon them, banks and funds are sharing their proprietary code to build a new, unified and better way to trade. It's a quant-conceived fintech utopian ideal that could very well make the world a better place™, but its fragile existence is susceptible to external bad ideas.

Right, Reuters?

Deutsche Bank is making its computer code publicly available for the first time, in an attempt to create a common industry standard for trading technology.

Ruh roh.

Deutsche said it will put more than 150,000 lines of code from its electronic platform Autobahn into the public domain so that applications from different providers can use it as a shared system.
The code will also be integrated into the Symphony messaging platform, which is used by a number of Wall Street banks.

Oh, yeah, we remember Symphony. It's that thing that kind of never really happened, right?

And now thanks to Deutsche Bank's "help", it's that thing that might never happen!

Seriously though, what does Deutsche Bank really think is the value-add here? Deutsche offering up the secrets to its success is like the Mets graciously allowing you to see how they keep their ballplayers so healthy and ready to win. While the notion of sharing proprietary code to improve everyone's returns is borderline selfless and not totally ignoble, we can't help feel like Deutsche is getting the way better end of the deal. If Deutsche really wanted to contribute, maybe it could open source something it's actually good at...

”By making this code publicly available, we aim to create a common industry standard that will deliver a faster and more convenient service to clients, strengthen controls and reduce costs,” said Peter Wharton-Hood, chief operating officer of Deutsche’s corporate and investment bank. You're not good at any of those things either.

Deutsche Bank opens up code for common trading platform [Reuters]



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