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HelloFresh Will Go Public Because You Are All Diseased

Why not just literally eat literal money at this point?

Happy Friday! Stupidity has no bottom!


HelloFresh, the meal-kit startup owned by Rocket Internet SE, aims to announce an initial public offering in the second half of October as the German company tries to distance itself from the post-IPO flop of Blue Apron Holdings Inc., people familiar with the matter said.

This is great news for every wealth-hating self-abnegating maniac that has spent the last few months wishing that they could invest in a stock that is similar to Blue Apron but somehow even shittier.

What could the thinking behind this possibly be?

“An IPO is and remains an option for us but we haven’t yet made a decision about timing,” Eva Switala, a spokeswoman for HelloFresh, said by phone, declining to comment further.

Might we respond?...It's not an option, and yes you fucking have made a decision.

Meanwhile Steve Mnuchin is looking to make it easier to take your company public... Sweeeeeeet.

Enjoy the weekend.

HelloFresh Aims for IPO Start in Second Half of October [Bloomberg]



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