Jamie Dimon Is Not A Luddite

And he’s spending a few hundred million dollars to prove it.

Sure, he barely uses e-mail. And maybe he still has a BlackBerry. Cybersecurity’s not really his expertise, and he and the team remain decidedly pro-human. He doesn’t understand why he has to pay so goddamned much for these newfangled Bloomberg terminals. And, of course, he has some less-than-flattering opinions about bitcoin (lots and lots and lots of them, in fact).


But Jamie Dimon’s hip. He knows what’s going on. He’s got an iPhone like everyone else. And while he thinks bitcoin is stupid, he’s had old friends come by the explain to him the underlying technology. He’s even called JPMorgan a “technology company.” Still not buying it? Well, try this on for size.

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. said that it agreed to buy payments company WePay Inc. in the bank’s first sizable acquisition of a financial-technology startup…. Even though J.P. Morgan, led by CEO James Dimon, hasn’t made many large acquisitions of fintech companies, it has been an active investor in startups there.

Boom! Sure, he’s called fintech silly, but that doesn’t mean he’s not cool with it.

J.P. Morgan to Buy Payments Firm WePay in First Major Fintech Acquisition [WSJ]