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Ken Griffin Remains Unalloyed Joy To Work For

For three months, anyway.
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Laszlo Korsos earned a Ph.D. in economic from the University of Chicago, served in the U.S. Navy and worked for Uber and Goldman Sachs, so he’s presumably not unfamiliar with unpleasant people or situations. If anyone was ever ready to work for Ken Griffin and put up with all that entails, from the waterboarding interview to the frightening coffee ritual to the dead-eyed stares capable of stealing a man's soul, it would seem to be Korsos.


But no. After all, Laszlo Korsos is a Navy vet, Chicago Ph.D and has “Goldman Sachs” on his resume. He doesn’t need to put up with this anymore than those who couldn’t hack it at Citadel.

Citadel’s chief data officer has left only three months after joining the hedge fund firm from ride-hailing app Uber, according to people familiar with the matter….

Korsos is the latest IT-focused new recruit to leave one of Citadel’s businesses after only a few months at the firm.

Kevin Turner, the former chief operating officer of Microsoft, left Citadel’s electronic market-making business in January after seven months as the unit’s first ever chief executive. Turner was replaced at the helm of Citadel Securities by Peng Zhao, previously head of global market-making.

Citadel data chief leaves three months after joining from Uber [Financial News]



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