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President Trump’s Fortune Falling Faster Than His Polling Numbers

At this rate, Donald Trump will be both an ex-president and ex-billionaire come Inauguration Day 2021.
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If you believe notorious left-wing ragForbes magazine, Donald Trump is no better at staying rich than he is at being president. The last year has cost POTUS another $600 million, most of it because the Big Apple heart of his real estate empire is rotting, but also because the Trump brand in hospitality has become as toxic as the Trump brand in politics. Throw in another $25 million to settle that degree-mill lawsuit and Forbes thinks the president’s about $1.5 billion lighter than he was when he launched his presidential bid.


His golf courses in Miami, Ireland and Scotland also lost value as people — possibly offended by Trump’s behavior — stayed away.

Trump’s cash on hand is also down to about $100 million since 2016 after he spent $66 million on his campaign and coughed up $25 million settling a lawsuit over Trump University.

At this rate, Trump is in danger of losing his billionaire status both in reality and in the world of alternative facts.

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