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From Goldman To Crowdfunding Start-ups: A Conversation with Shelly Hod Moyal

Fancy a chat?

Leaving Goldman to launch a technology start-up is not exactly typical, but Shelly Hod Moyal took that path when she waved goodbye to Goldman in 2013 to launch equity crowdfunding platform iAngels, which functions like a hybrid VC/crowdfunding platform. iAngels, which Shelly founded with good friend Mor Assia, invests in Israeli high tech companies that already have an investment from an established VC or super-angel. Once they've invested in a start-up, they then allow their pool of investors to put capital in those deals (the minimum investment is $10,000). Israel is of course home to Waze (acquired by Google), WixMobileye and a slew of other hot rapid growth companies. But iAngels addresses a real pain point because, despite a rich start-up ecosystem, there is simply not enough local capital in Israel to fund all of the promising early stage companies, which has allowed iAngels to deploy over $44M in 53 start-ups. On the other end, Shelly's model also allows anyone, not just VCs, to invest in sexy start-ups without access to their own just-as-sexy deal flow, or what they call "investing with influence."


Today starting at 3pm I'm kicking off a conversation with Shelly that will unfold throughout the rest of the day right here on Dealbreaker. You can check back periodically or follow along like a fly on the wall by signing up below.



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