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Report: Jeff Bezos Flirting Heavily With The Idea Of Spending More Time In DC

A bad day at the White House just got a little bit worse.

Amazon's awe-inspiring HQ2 campaign can't last forever (even if we do love the spectacle of regional governments lining up to hand Amazon gifts in exchange for an uncertain number of jobs) and according to CNBC some analysts are already handicapping a winner using a fun new metric:


As of last Friday, Washington D.C. had 531 corporate jobs available, the most after Seattle and the San Francisco-Bay Area. If you exclude West Coast cities, and use current job openings density as an important measure for Amazon's HQ2 criteria, Washington D.C. would be a front-runner to win the bid, Baird Equity Research wrote in a note Monday.
"We view this as relevant to the HQ2 search, as Amazon might prioritize locations based on already having a sizable non-fulfillment workforce," the note said.

If Amazon CEO/wealthiest man in the world/ripped bro Jeff Bezos does end up selecting The Capitol as his new home away from home, it would be a true quadrupling-down on his ownership of The Washington Post. Putting Amazon's HQ2 in DC immediately makes Bezos a massive force inside The Beltway and if he does it before the 2018 midterms, Bezos would be arriving just in time to cast a real shadow over a tense election season that means almost everything to his enemy, the comparably impoverished president Donald Trump.

We are suddenly all in on this. Another power move that allows Bezos to lord his potent wealth and actual media power over a man who sees him as a walking, breathing trigger and just happens to be the leader of the free world? Sign us up.

And let's all get ready to see Trump spending a lot more time talking up Wal-Mart.

Amazon's HQ2 could go to Washington D.C., where it has over 500 job openings, says analyst [CNBC]



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