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Steve Bannon Is Reportedly Looking To Get His Ass Kicked By Paul Singer

This is not a fair fight.

We learned over the weekend that many inside Donald Trump's inner circle - especially Steve Bannon - believe that Paul Singer is financially responsible for the Pee Tape rumor. We have also learned that Bannon has told Trump he will now wage war against Singer for doing so.


Can we offer a Spoiler Alert?

Steve Bannon doesn't have a chance in hell of beating Paul Singer at anything.

Clearly, Steve Bannon is still feeling himself for playing such a key role in "GOP: Ragnarok" but culling centrist Republican politicians requires nowhere close to the intellectual savagery one needs to battle Paul Singer.

Steve Bannon is the kind of guy who revels in the appearance of looking tough. Paul Singer is the kind of guy who will shove a sword through his own torso if it means killing an enemy holding him from behind.

Steve Bannon is pretty sure that he forced Jeff Flake out of the Senate. Paul Singer knows he beat Argentina...the country. Bannon likes to think his life is a series of battling the powers that be and coming out ahead. Paul Singer recently made Warren Buffett look rather foolish for sport.

Who's your money on?

Paul Singer epitomizes the one archetype of American life that Bannon has never been able to dominate; a bona fide Wall Street Master of the Universe. Bannon failed at Goldman Sachs because he was in direct competition with people who can't even dream of fucking with Paul Singer. Much of Steve Bannon's creation tale comes from his mental impotency in the face of the world's Paul Singers, so it's comical to think that he can take on this fight and win. He's simply not equipped.

Regardless of your thoughts on Singer, he's a cold-blooded rational dealmaker willing to do the insane thing to ensure that he gets what he wants. He's has never had any interest in coming off as human or likable and seems to prefer that no one like him at all. Singer is a transactional man who has made himself impervious to identity politics.

Bannon can't really go at Singer personally because he's not famous enough, and he can't go at him financially because Singer is too crafty and has committed no sin that Donald Trump, Wilbur Ross, Steve Mnuchin or Tom Barrack have not also committed. Bannon's attack plan is limited by his ideology, something by which Singer is utterly unburdened.

Paul Singer represents the globalist, socially liberal moneyed class that Bannon has hoped to purge from modern conservatism. But Singer is entrenched in that world because men like Singer are veritably impossible to remove from a trench.

Steve Bannon's had a pretty powerful go of it lately, but for a guy who obviously likes to chew, he's about to bite off way more than he can handle.



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