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Stu Gulliver Found The Perfect Successor To Stu Gulliver

It’s not Stu Gulliver, but it’s close.
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HSBC has a new chief executive officer. He’s a lot like the old CEO, but younger.

Now the head of retail banking and wealth management, Mr. Flint is quintessentially HSBC. After joining its international leadership program out of college, he learned the ropes in bank branches, trading rooms and at the bank’s treasury department, in cities including Hong Kong, London, New York and Bangkok. The assignments often had him working alongside Mr. Gulliver, and he was the outgoing CEO’s chief of staff for a year before taking his current role in 2013…. He is expected to continue on much the same track as Mr. Gulliver with respect to the bank’s strategy.

This makes sense, because as Stu Gulliver put it two-and-a-half years ago, no one is better suited to the job of HSBC CEO than Stu Gulliver. So if Stu Gulliver can’t be HSBC CEO anymore on account of his retiring, then someone as much like Stu Gulliver as possible should do the job. Someone with secret Panamanian bank accounts. Someone who thinks people should really get off his and his colleagues’ asses about all of the illegal shit they’re doing—they are trying, damnit, but are only human. Someone who can effortlessly oversee some currency funny-stuff and front-running and money-laundering and off-color role-playing with aplomb. And since that guy’s retiring, at least someone with a tremendously British name like “John Flint.”

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