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Svengali Philosopher King Ray Dalio Is About To Make The NBA Interesting This Season

Steph Curry is reading "Principles," so the Warriors will be an emotional shitshow by the All -Star break.

The NBA starts next week and according to Las Vegas odds, The Golden State Warriors are overwhelming favorites to repeat as world champs.

This squad is so stacked with talent, playoff-proven and intrinsically dominant that Vegas bookmakers have them at 4/11 odds to win the Western Conference and 5/8 to win it all. It feels like The Warriors are so far and above that the real fun of the 2017/2018 season will be seeing who gets to lose them in the final rounds of the playoffs. Nothing, it seems, can stop this balling howitzer of an organization.

Even The Dubs leader and totem, point guard Steph Curry, seems to be just chillaxing his way into the season. Look what he just posted on Instagram:


Sunshine, a cool dry Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc, and a good book, this guy is ready to wi---

Wait, can we zoom in on the book?

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 11.47.21 AM

Oh shiiiiiit.

Steph is reading "Principles"?

Looks like Radical Transparency™ is coming to the Warriors' locker room this season. So let's Kevin Durant likes being told that his shot selection is not only poor but speaks to a deeper selfishness that undermines team success. And famously even-tempered Draymond Green is going to love signing into his Dots app after games to see that his teammates think his batshit outburst in the third quarter was neither "Living in Truth" nor "Community Minded." We won't even posit what notorious deep-thinker JaVale McGee will make of the Pain Chart conveying that his teammates assess his basketball IQ to be in the single digits.

If Steph puts that highlighter to work, The Warriors locker room should be a den of emotional fear and loathing by the All-Start break. Even a team as well-built and potent as The Dubs cannot withstand Ray Dalio's teachings. Who knew that Steph Curry's summer reading would be his team's Achilles Heel.

You heard it here first, The Warrior might be a disaster this season and you'll know why.

Amazingly, they will still be better off than The Knicks.


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