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Blue Apron Shuffling CEOs Like Deck Chairs On The Blue Apron Stock Price

Even we're starting to feel sympathy for $APRN.

Hey, if the first guy can knock 70% of vlaue off your stock in less than six months, imagine what the former CFO of Under Armour can do!

Time for Jeff Bezos to commission a new voodoo doll. And it's definitely time for that emergency call to Marc Lore.

This is definitely a power move...if you're looking to lock in your title as "Worst IPO of All Time."



Marc Lore Is Blue Apron's Last And Only Hope

The Hipster of Bentonville is APRN's Obi-Wan Kenobi.


Jeff Bezos Is Sadistically Curious If He Can Personally Make Blue Apron Stock Worth Negative Dollars

Can Bezos destroy Blue Apron before Zuckerberg can kill Snapchat? Let's play!


Blue Apron Shocks Market By Going Almost A Whole Month Before Executive Shakeup

For a stock that traded like a lead Zeppelin, this showed restraint.


As Some Idiot Predicted Months Ago, Blue Apron Is Officially A Penny Stock

If even we could see this coming, how was it allowed to happen?


Blue Apron's First Public Quarter Offers Concrete Proof That Blue Apron Should Never Have Gone Public

This isn't a bad company, but taking it public was borderline fraudulent.