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Bob Iger And Rupert Murdoch Currently Praying That Everyone At The FTC Wants To See A Good "X-Men" Movie

Is the possibility of a Hulk and Wolverine buddy picture enough to overlook antitrust rules? JK, of course it is.

Here's a doozy of a scoop from CNBC's David Faber:


21st Century Fox has been holding talks to sell most of the company to Walt Disney Co., leaving behind a media company tightly focused on news and sports, according to people familiar with the situation.

This is a literal big deal. Almost too big...

Disney would not purchase all of Fox, according to people with knowledge of the talks.
The company could not own two broadcast networks and would therefore not buy the Fox broadcast network. It would not buy Fox's sports programming assets in the belief that combining them with ESPN could be seen as anti-competitive from an antitrust standpoint and it would not buy the Fox News or Business channel. Disney would also not purchase Fox's local broadcasting affiliates, according to people familiar with the negotiations.
In addition to the movie studio, TV production and international assets such as Star and B Sky B, Disney would also add entertainment networks such as FX and National Geographic.

Disney is looking to pick up Fox's movie business, leaving Rupert Murdoch with network television, sports and FoxNews. Essentially, Bob Iger is saying "Give me the X-Men and Fantastic Four, but please keep Sean Hannity and 'Empire.'"

This is obviously a major merger, and one would think that it would come up against the same problems currently being experienced by AT&T and TimeWarner. But there are two small differences:

First, our adolescently vindictive president likes Fox and hates Time Warner because one is mean to him and the other is nice.

Second, there is every possibility that the FTC is stacked with enough nerds who want to see Wolverine appear in the Marvel movie universe. And by "nerds" we obviously mean "people who know awesome when they see it."

Regardless of notional fairness or market impact, we are fully on-board for this merger as it might create the heretofore impossible idea of a watchable "Fantastic Four" movie.

21st Century Fox has been holding talks to sell most of the company to Disney: Sources [CNBC]



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