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Download A Free Whitepaper On Contract Analytics

This whitepaper augments our capabilities to read and understand legal agreements.

Contracts are the language of business and yet, despite their importance, contract drafting and review is relatively unchanged and has failed to keep up with innovation in other business sectors in our increasingly interconnected world.

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In recent years, contract analysis has emerged to offer very promising tools to give us insights into individual contracts and portfolios of thousands of agreements.This free paper from our friends at Wolters Kluwer, who partnered with Kingsley Martin, President & CEO at KM Standards LLC, examines key emerging technologies capable of augmenting our capabilities to read and understand legal agreements.

Download your free copy of the white paper here.



How Should Financial Institutions Assess the Accuracy of Third-Party AML Data?

As technology becomes more integral to financial industry regulation, data accuracy has become a leading concern for many institutions. In fact, a 2017 Thomson Reuters Legal survey of anti-money laundering (AML) professionals found that only 23% of participants express extreme confidence in their AML and customer due diligence (CDD) data vendors.

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How a bank investigator used Thomson Reuters CLEAR to discover the truth about a man with two lives.

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The Johnny Wall Street Starter Kit Giveaway

Do you smell that? It’s the sweet, sweet aroma of dragon fruit JUUL vape and a freshly minted synchilla-fleece vest.

2017 lslfi

Wilson Sonsini tops Life Sciences Law Firm Index for 2nd straight year

The Life Sciences Law Firm Index identifies the most active and relevant firms for life science companies.