Gary Cohn Now Begging CEOs To Just Play Along With The Impossible Growth Promises Of His Tax Plan

Has it really come to this?

We knew that Gary Cohn was having a hard go of it lately as he stomped around trying to get the tax plan he wrote for Steven Mnuchin forced through Congress, but even we are sad to see how pathetic that journey has become.

Here's actual video of Gary getting undermined by a room of CEO's at the WSJ CEO Council:

Sadly, it's not even the most brutal video we've seen of Cohn in recent days. At least in this one, he seems like the only person fully aware that there's a camera and that it's on. That said, it still reeks of sad desperation, as if he's going to yell "It's a tax cut for you, you ungrateful fucks!" before pleading with all the CEOs in the room to try it again and just raise their hands this time. Considering that Gary's recent tactic has been to just kind of admit that this is a giveaway to corporations and the wealthy, he has every right to be frustrated that a room full of his prime beneficiaries can't even muster the energy to play along. And speaking of CEOs who are too busy enjoying life to help The Big Grundle out these days, we wonder what Gary's former ride-or-die homie Lloyd Blankfein is up to right now...

C'est la vie, Big Gary. C'est la fucking vie.