Gary Cohn Now Condescending To Donald Trump Like Lloyd Blankfein Used To Condescend To Gary Cohn - Dealbreaker

Gary Cohn Now Condescending To Donald Trump Like Lloyd Blankfein Used To Condescend To Gary Cohn

This is the best thing that has happened in a long time.

We told you that the Goldman Sachs ethos was going to be incompatible with the bouillabaisse of personality disorders that is the Trump administration.

And now, thanks to US Senator and shade queen extraordinaire Tom Carper, we have the most stunning and vaudevillian example yet that Gary Cohn and his Goldmanites have finally taken a "Shut up Donald, the adults are talking" approach to governance.

Let's roll the tape:

While this is the kind of incident that makes us here at dealbreaker dot com giddy with snarky glee, it also provokes us to wonder why this wasn't always central to Gary's plan.

Why hasn't Gary convinced senior staff to give Trump an iPhone with no actual mobile or internet connection that only has Twitter and Fruit Ninja on it? While POTUS tweeted to no one and became addicted to his new game, Gary could have passed tax and infrastructure reform by now. Especially if he'd hired soap opera actors to pretend to be Senators and go golfing with the president. All he needed were five older white guys that he could rotate to play 100 Senators. Trump can't tell who's who.

He could have also saved himself a lot of pain by gifting Louise Linton a well-stocked Goldman brokerage account through a trust that allowed her to take full control in two years time. In order to get it though, she would have had to keep her husband away from cameras. And did Steve Mnuchin really need to know where all of those interviews were being held? Gary could have sent him and his driver to some fancy lunches in DC and Mnooks would never have batted a lazy eye. Dina Powell would have filled in nicely.

We love that Gary is using the kind of blatantly rude dismissive tactics on President Trump that were used on him inside 200 West Street for so many years, but we gotta ask: What took you so long, big guy?