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Democrat Says He's Still Gary Cohn

Big Gary now openly begging for deliverance.

The final push for a now-concrete tax reform plan has begun. Everything that Gary Cohn has worked for since the moment he joined this chaotic White House is kicking fully into gear, so any previous mishegas that Big Gary might or might not have with President Trump is going to take a backseat while everyone in the West Wing grabs an oar and pulls towards getting this Frankenstein's monster of a tax bill through Congress!

Gary Cohn Wanderer

Gary Cohn is all in! Right, Bloomberg?

President Donald Trump’s top economic adviser, Gary Cohn, said on Thursday that he’s still a Democrat despite joining his Republican boss’s administration.


Cohn, who is director of the White House National Economic Council, has long been scorned by the far right in the Republican party as a “globalist” and a Democrat. He confirmed he’s still a Democrat in remarks to the Economic Club of Washington.

It's too late, hombre. The fun was knowing that you're a miserable liberal while you pretended to soldier on happily inside whatever the fuck the Trump administration is. Do you think this is going to keep Steve Mnuchin away from you? Nice try, but that weirdo agrees with whoever's closest to him at that particular moment. Also, Ssaying this out loud is not going to get democrats to cross the aisle on a massive corporate tax cut, but it will get you shivved by Stephen Miller in the White House cafeteria.

In case you haven't noticed, these guys are playing team ball. You and Dina can step out of all the meetings you want, but you still can't ignore that this is most ill-conceived coming out since Kevin Spacey. All this does is increase pressure on Trump to shitcan you so that Breitbart doesn't start putting those "totally-not-jewish-denoting" globes on every mention of this tax bill.


Cohn said his relationship with Trump is as strong as it’s ever been and that he’ll remain in his job “as long as I possibly can.”

Ahh, it's all clear now. Let's just hope Lloyd saw the flare and sends the extraction team. In the meantime, pack your shit and wait for the signal. Tell Dina. Or don't. Just get out of there, Big Guy. We're praying for you.

Gary Cohn Says He’s Still a Democrat [Bloomberg]



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