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Kyle Bass Plans Celebratory Toga Party For Sometime Next Year

These Greek banks are gonna blow up once voters throw these red bums out.
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Kyle Bass is not known for saying nice things. That’s sort of the nature of being a short seller. And lately, the Hayman Capital chief has been pretty down on some pretty big countries, names China and Japan. But these days he’s got a super-good feeling about one plucky little country finally shaking the Teutonic boot from its neck.


This is good news for Bass, who’s been investing in battered Greek bank stocks for years, patiently waiting for the tedious and seemingly endless tragedy to end, and the drunken financial orgy of the satyr play to begin, which transition will be signaled upon the electoral demise of Greece’s far-left-in-name-only premier.

My best guess is a snap election for prime minister will be called between April and September of next year and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will lose power. When that happens, there will be a massive move into the Greek stock market. Big money will flow in as investors feel more confident with a more moderate administration.

Of course, Bass is also still patiently waiting for the Chinese economy to collapse and make him even richer on his now nearly two-year-old bet against the yuan, which does not seem to be as likely as Tsipras’ Syriza getting slaughtered at the polls sometime between now and two years from now. But who knows? Maybe everything comes together and China falls and Greece rises and President Trump is impeached and 2018 is the greatest year of Kyle Bass’ life.

Kyle Bass predicts investors are getting ready to pour billions back into Greek economy [CNBC]


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