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Lloyd Blankfein Now Taking Obvious Delight In Publicly Trolling His Potential Replacements

"Harvey or David, or maybe both! Haha, I'm totally picking Marty."

The King Lear of 200 West Street went on Bloomberg TV this morning to talk tax cuts (pro!) and Bitcoin (he doesn't get all the fuss), but also indulged himself with a little passive aggressive torture of the men "battling" to succeed him.


When asked about all the fun speculation about whether Goldman Sachs will be run by hipster frat boy David Solomon or "Gary Cohn 2.0," aka Harvey Schwartz, Lloyd Blankfein played it as close to coy as Lloyd Blankfein is capable.

"I don't want to give anyone out there false hope, but I'm not planning to die at my desk soon," said a smiling Lloyd, fully aware that he was crushing the fantasies of Mssrs. Solomon and Schwartz. That said, Lloyd might want to try faking a massive health scare in his office and have his assistant go screaming down the hall for help, making sure to alert both David and Harvey. Whichever COO comes to save him is clearly too weak for the gig.

With an assist from his pal Mike Bloomberg, Lloyd also availed himself of the opportunity to twist the knife and throw out the possibility that his two underlings might end up sharing the gig once he doesn't expire in his corner office.

After citing some examples (Corzine and Paulson being the funniest), Lloyd opined that Goldman loves a duo at the top: “Goldman Sachs as a firm has a long tradition of co-CEOs. That can work, if it works, and people get along. But it doesn’t necessarily have to work. So I would say that it’s not a guarantee. And that's something that the board would work out.”

But at least he threw it out there on live television, right DJ D-SOl and Big Harv?

And then Lloyd just decided to drop the veil of subtlety and essentially told the circling career vultures to fuck right off. When asked if there was a timeframe for a successor to be anointed, Lloyd replied "We're closer to that than we were yesterday."

In addition to being a baller troll quote, it also gives Marty Chavez a little more time to juggle his day-to-day alongside measuring the drapes in Lloyd's office.



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