Noted Business Intelligence Professional Not A Very Good Actor

Carson Block is on to you, Jean-Charles Brisard.

Jean-Charles Brisard’s résumé identifies him as an “international investigator” and former “business intelligence” person at Vivendi. He’s worked for the French government and is a reliable go-to for journalists seeking quotes on counter-terrorism. What he is not is a journalist himself.


Carson Block is a widely-feared short-seller whose mere mention of your company’s name can send your shares south in a hurry. He achieves this with a finely-tuned bullshit detector that is pretty likely to be triggered by an international investigator purporting to be a Wall Street Journal reporter.

The man who showed up wasn’t a Journal reporter. According to video footage of the encounter reviewed by The Wall Street Journal and two people who know him, it was Jean-Charles Brisard, a well-known corporate security and intelligence consultant who lives in Switzerland and France….

Mr. Block said he suspected the individual who met him at the hotel of impersonating the Journal reporter. Shortly after the meeting began, Mr. Block whipped out his cellphone and began to film the encounter.

“I’d like to know who you really are,” Mr. Block said, according to the video of the encounter. Admitting he didn’t work for the Journal, the impostor said: “I wanted to meet you. There is no other way to meet you.”

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