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Peter Navarro Is The Weird Old Guy At The Office, But His Office Is The White House

Who wants to be in China with the President when they could be talking footcare with Omarosa?

Every workplace has one; the weird, significantly older guy that only seems to be employed there. He's creepy, overfamiliar, allergic to social norms and almost certainly in possession of a dark backstory.


By many reports, the weird old office creep in the Trump White House is none other than our old friend, "Trade "Economist"" Peter Navarro.

We knew that Navarro was in the running for biggest office loon the morning he went on-camera from the White House lawn and started yelling like a hobo off his meds about Citigroup and apples. It became a little more apparent that Navarro was the guy drying his wet shoes off in the West Wing common microwave when his theory on trade economics were revealed to be objectively quackish. And then the White House let us know that they were trying to keep Navarro away from other staffers (and the other weird old guy in the Oval Office) when John Kelly redrew the org chart to let Gary Cohn lock Navarro in the darkest closet that the EEOB had to offer.

But we are now in possession of the most beautiful piece of evidence yet that Navarro is the Creed Bratton of this West Wing. In a piece for Daily Beast about the wondrous counter-logical insanity that is Omarosa's "job" at the White House, reporter Elaina Plott shares an absolute gem of a moment with the reader. In the course of following Omarosa around as she manically roams the hallways in hopes of passing herself off as "working there," she bumped into a strange figure somewhere in the EEOB:

We bump into National Trade Council chairman Peter Navarro, who is dressed in workout attire and carrying in one hand a copy of his own book, Death By China, and in the other a box of Mesa Sunrise cereal. “O-ma-ro-sa!” Navarro says, drawing out each syllable of her name. He asks if she’s planning to go on Dancing With the Stars. No, she tells him. Unfortunately her foot is still healing, the result of a fall while jumping into the motorcade in January. Navarro gives her tips on how to exercise it. But before he finishes we have to get going.

In a well-reported and tightly-written story constructed to show how zany and out-of-place Omarosa is at the White House, Peter Navarro somehow only needs part of a paragraph to steal the show.

Read that shit again, because it's beautiful. Navarro is literally just wandering down some hallway wearing sweats and taking an oddly long time to say the name of his co-workers. And if that wasn't sad enough, he's carrying a copy of his own book! That would be the most pathetic thing we'd ever read if it wasn't so funny. Also hilarious and perfect are Navarro's interest in Dancing With the Stars and his borderline inappropriate desire to discuss footcare with his younger, female co-worker. Even Bannon was less creepy.

We aren't saying that we picture Peter Navarro to cut a pathetic figure in this administration these days, but we are saying that he's definitely sitting in his office with the door wide open, surrounded by boxes of his own books and praying under his breath that someone will pop in to ask him about anything.

No One Knows What Omarosa Is Doing in the White House—Even Omarosa [DailyBeast]



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