Ray Dalio Bullies Tony Robbins Again

He has more to teach! And more books to sell!
Ray Dalio (Getty Images)

Ray Dalio (Getty Images)

Motivational speaker and large, foul-mouthed man Tony Robbins, like the rest of us, is in awe of Ray Dalio. Robbins said he’s the smartest guy he’s ever met. And so when his scary buddy informed Tony that an hour-long Facebook Live interview was not enough effort on his part to sell Ray’s new book, and that he’d require two episodes of Robbins’ podcast, Robbins spent the next 24 hours preparing, and then an extra hour-and-a-half learning.

What did he learn? Why, he learned that the immortal Dalio’s Principles can be boiled down from 210 to three. First, big a single-minded lunatic:

The most successful people "can visualize a future and see a present, and see the gap," Dalio tells Robbins, adding that they "have a compelling need to eliminate that gap. It's a compulsion."

No matter how many people try to tell them they're wrong or they won't succeed, they pursue their vision, he says: "And they pursue it smartly with perseverance. In other words, they understand risk and reward."

Not unrelatedly, be an asshole:

"You've got to get the job done. Even if it means discomfort for people, you've got to work yourself through that."

But not too big an asshole:

"The best [leaders] are people who not only have good mental maps of how things should be done, but they have high levels of humility," Dalio tells Robbins…. They also "like to find people who disagree with them," he says, "so that they can make sure that they're right and they can learn how to improve."

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