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Soros Boys Back In The Family Business

Jon and Rob are seeding hedge funds. Who wants some money with a pedigree?
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They say we all eventually become our parents. This is an especially tall order if you happen to be one of George Soros’ four sons. They have, at times, struggled in their father’s shadow. Certainly, they’ll never have his lovelife—as son Robert’s amateur hour showing on DL285 from VCE to JFK shows—nor his fortune, which has been earmarked towards establishing the New World Order. It can be rough: As son Alex Soros once not-at-all-tone-deafly put it, “When all you’re being fed is vichyssoise, you want to eat Big Macs like everyone else.”

In recent years, however, some of the Soros boys are doing their best to follow in Pater’s footsteps while carving out a niche for themselves. The aforementioned Alex, for example, set up his own foundation to promote social justice and humans rights, just like Dad’s. His brothers Robert and Jonathan, having recently left the nest, are going a different direction and giving this hedge-fund seeding thing a try on their own.

Jariton, 37, who oversaw Latin America equity investments at Soros Fund Management until May, is expected to start the long-short equity fund in February with a maximum of $250 million under management, including money from Jonathan and Robert Soros…

In June, Robert, the eldest of George Soros’s five children, stepped down as deputy chairman and president of Soros Fund Management to invest his own money at the Soros family office. In 2012, Jonathan created his own affiliated family office called JS Capital.

Soros Sons to Back New Hedge Fund From Ex-Soros Manager [Bloomberg]


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