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Adorably Predictable Senior Blames Bitcoin Craze On The Dang Federal Reserve

Ron Paul gonna Ron Paul.

This morning, former Congressman and full-time weird old neighbor Ron Paul took a break from tangentially selling Bitcoin futures to rubes and spoke to CNBC about what a potential sham Bitcoin is.


And since Ron Paul is the greatest one trick pony in American political history, do you guys want to wager a guess who he blamed for the CryptoBoom™?

According to Paul, cryptocurrencies have become an asset that rivals the bubble he sees in stocks.
"I think it's going to continue to do exactly what it's doing. It's going higher and it's going lower," he said Tuesday on CNBC's "Futures Now." "We can look at what's happening now, which to me is a climactic end of QEs."

That's a subtly unsubtle swipe at The Fed y'all, but you know Ron so he's gonna make that more obvious...

Paul, who has done commercials touting currency competition for a company that benefits from bitcoin's rise, views the crypto craze as a side effect of central banks doing several rounds of quantitative easing to cope with the last financial crisis.
"I look at the problems we face. I think they're gigantic and people are desperate and looking everywhere. Why would they buy bonds that pay negative interest rates? Why would they buy stocks, and say well this time it's different? " asked Paul. "Cryptocurrency is a reflection of the disaster of the monetary dollar system."

Further proof that old libertarians never die, they just start blaming obscene Litecoin valuations on Janet Yellen.

Bitcoin is biggest bubble of them all, and it’s the Fed’s fault, says Ron Paul [CNBC]



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