Haters Gonna Hate Lynn Tilton, Also Take Companies Away From Her

The Diva of Distressed Debt is out a few portfolio holdings.
(Erikabarker via Wikimedia Commons)

(Erikabarker via Wikimedia Commons)

Lynn Tilton is many things. A true warrior. A #fighter and #ladyboss. An island girl. Body positive. A Main Street job creator (when she isn’t a paramedic job-slasher). The Diva of Distressed Debt. All woman.

There are, however, two things she is not. One is liable for defrauding the investors in her judgment. The other is owner of the companies those not-defrauded investors’ money wound up with.

Vice Chancellor Slights found shower curtain maker Glenoit, equipment manufacturer Universal Instruments Corp. and game controller maker PDP belong not to Ms. Tilton but rather to the Zohar collateralized loan obligation funds, vehicles launched by Ms. Tilton to raise $2.5 billion for her distressed investing empire….

She resigned from control of the Zohar funds in 2016 but said she and Patriarch Partners would continue to run the companies.

Lynn Tilton Loses Fight for Control of Portfolio Companies [WSJ]