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Mike Novogratz Seems Concerned That Steve Mnuchin's Idiocy Might Be Contagious

If Mnooks can make Gary Cohn this dumb, how does this end?!?!

Usually, billionaires are loathe to talk to a reporter whilst mingling amongst each other at an ultra-fancy fundraiser. And it's even rarer for former Goldman Sachs executives to speak ill of each other on the public record.


So imagine our surprise to see that former Goldmanite and hedge fundie Mike Novogratz was talking with Bloomberg reporters last night during a swanky soirée at The Ziegfield Ballroom and decided that it would be a great time to absolutely tee off on this newest (and almost certainly lamest) generation of "Government Sachs"...

Across the street at the Dubin Breast Cancer benefit in the Ziegfeld Ballroom, Michael Novogratz didn’t sound as amenable on a day when the Treasury Department put out a one-page report that tried to defend the economic impact of the plan.
"Steve Mnuchin never even modeled the thing -- idiot, I-D-I-O-T," said Novogratz. "Gary Cohn shouldn’t be able to live with himself. 

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, Mike. You felt the need to spell it?

And Novogratz doesn't seem to believe that Mnooks and Big Gary are capable these days of differentiating they asses from they elbows.

Novogratz, who along with Mnuchin and Cohn is a former Goldman Sachs executive, supports tax reform -- "smarter tax reform," he said. "This is slapped together." Cutting the corporate tax rate doesn’t make sense to him when "the stock market is on a high and the economy is growing."

Dissing Gary Cohn for misinterpreting market fundamentals is what the cool kids inside 200 West Street refer to as a "Sick burn." If DJ D-SOL had been manning the ones and twos at The Ziegfield last night, we assure you that Novogratz's comments would have warranted a long and nasty record scratch.

This whole thing makes us wonder just how awkward things are going to get at the ultra-secret Goldman alumni bonfire at the end of the year. Usually the most socially tense moments are when Jon Corzine tries to hog the blood transfusion machine while Bob Rubin stands over him drunk and "lectury" or when John Thain and Hank Paulson end up naked mud wrestling in order to prove who really fucked up in 2008.

Billionaires at New York Galas Can't Agree on Trump's Tax Plan [Bloomberg]



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