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Non-Dealbreaker-Ranked B-School To Continue Offering MBAs For Some Reason

Relatedly, dean hired to shut down MBA program is not going to be dean anymore.
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(University of Wisconsin School of Business)

(University of Wisconsin School of Business)

Anne Massey does not have an MBA, and she doesn’t think anyone else should, either. She came to this conclusion after more than 20 years helping churn them out at Indiana University, and it’s hard to argue with her when you consider that such programs appear to be manufacturing either monsters or snowflakes not fit for purpose.

In March, it looked like Massey would get her chance to put her disdain for the MBA into action when she was named the new dean of the University of Wisconsin’s School of Business. Madison seemed the perfect place to try out Massey’s radical plan to junk the MBA and replace it with a bunch of more specialized degrees—a Master of Cryptocurrency, perhaps. After all, there’s declining demand for two-year full-time MBA programs everywhere other than Harvard, Stanford and Wharton, and Wisconsin Business has run into some hard times, specifically its failure to make the most important B-school rankings of all time.

Unfortunately for Massey, UW MBA students past and present were not terribly supportive of a plan to make their own degrees anachronisms, and let UW Chancellor Rebecca Blank know about it. As Blank’s job is primarily to separate those MBA alums from their money, she sided with the alums, leaving Massey’s dream of the post-MBA business school in tatters.

Well, Massey’s not interested in presiding over ceremonies in which she’s forced to hand over those hated pieces of paper. So she’s just going to go back to training future MBAs rather than bestow any.

Anne Massey, the current dean of the UW School of Business, announced she will be leaving her administrative leadership role at the end of the year for a faculty teaching position in the WSB’s Operations and Information Management Department….

Massey left Indiana University and stepped into her role at UW in August. Her tenure will have have lasted just more than four months by the time she leaves the position at the end of December.

Ms. Massey said in the email that in her time at the WSB, “I have realized that my vision for the School differs from Chancellor [Rebecca] Blank’s.”

“It is my sincere desire that she have the opportunity to ensure that her vision is implemented. By resigning I will allow that process to unfold,” she added.

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