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Paul Tudor Jones Inexplicably Wrote An Email To Ensure That History Will Remember Him As Harvey Weinstein's Most Ardent Enabler

PTJ told Harvey that this was all going to pass quickly, which explains Tudor's recent Macro Fund performance.

We've been wondering when a bold-faced Wall Street name would implicate himself in this culturally shattering moment of acknowledging the widespread scourge of sexual harassment.


Quite frankly, we thought this whole thing might be good for our business model. Little did we know that the first name would be so big and that he would tar himself so stupidly whilst not even harassing or assaulting anyone. According to a thorough follow-up report from the New York Times about how Harvey Weinstein was allowed to live a double life as a rampant sex criminal, many powerful people in Weinstein's universe looked the other way for decades, acting as passive enablers and putting many young women in danger. Now that Weinstein has fallen however, all of those enablers have beat hasty retreats to distance themselves from America's most notorious sexual harasser.

Well, almost all of them...

After years of support for Mr. Weinstein, most of the board members have now quit, while publicly staying silent. Privately, at least one expressed loyalty. On Oct. 7, the day before he was ousted from his own company, Mr. Weinstein received an email from the investor Paul Tudor Jones.

PTJ? One of the most notoriously private and careful manager of his public persona in all of finance? PTJ must have taken great pains to strike the perfect tonal mix of vague personal care and fury, especially if it was going into an email...

“I love you,” he wrote, while detailing the steps Mr. Weinstein should take to rehabilitate his image. Mr. Jones told The Times that he condemned Mr. Weinstein’s alleged misconduct and wanted to encourage him to get help.

WTF, PTJ? "I love you"? Keep it in your double pleated chinos, homeboy. And for the love of volatility, please don't keep fucking typing...

“Focus on the future as America loves a great comeback story,” he wrote to the movie producer.

The only comeback you should be focused on is your global macro fund, dude. Apparently, Harvey was your ride or die home (and let's talk about how that works later) but what are you doing? AND WHY DID YOU PUT THIS IN WRITING?! At least it can't get any worse...

He finished: “The good news is, this will go away sooner than you think and it will be forgotten!”

Morality aside, how will Tudor survive this scandal if you are making predictions as stupid and terrible as this one?

Weinstein’s Complicity Machine [NYT]



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