President Trump Not Clear On What Regulations Is, Or What They Does

So "tough," yet so incapable of grasping basic concepts.

After reports circulated that permissive parent/OMB director/acting CFPB director Mick Mulvaney is toying with the idea of letting Wells Fargo off the hook for its massive fraud scandal just to show how much he hates the government that employs him in two jobs simultaneously, Mulvaney's boss took to Twitter to add nuance and intelligence to those reports...


Cut regulations and increase penalties? Sure, why not?

You may be thinking that this tweet makes the president appear like an addled clown so consumed by his preadolescent id and the related need to look "tough" and "powerful" that he typed out a self-contradictory thought, furthering the narrative that he has not even a basic understanding of finance or government, is nuts and deeply unfit for the office in which he serves.

So, yeah, you may be thinking that.