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Secret Service Lazily Scours Hamptons For Confused Area Senior

If Wilbur Ross was as rich as he claims, this Silver Alert might have been upgraded to Gold.

It might be time for Wilbur Ross to purchase a louder pair of slippers...


It was the case of the missing cabinet member in the Hamptons last week when — well-heeled sources tell us — Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross seemed to lose his security detail leading to an awkward search at a tony takeout joint.
A source tells Page Six that guests grabbing grub at the Golden Pear cafe in Southampton were taken aback on Friday when agents entered asking if anyone had seen the secretary.

We knew that Wilbur was acting confused lately - the guy doesn't even know how much he's worth anymore - but we didn't know that the face of American business around the world had entered the "wandering" phase of his dotage. Maybe we're making too much of this...

“His security people lost him in the Hamptons,” an area regular told Page Six of Ross. “They went into the Golden Pear in Southampton and said, ‘Has anyone seen him?’ ” The source added, “They said they had lost him and asked anyone who spotted him to call them. They gave out cards that said ‘Commerce Department security’ — and told the owner, ‘If you see him, will you call us immediately?’ ”

Sundowning in The Hamptons must be very dramatic what with those famously gorgeous sunsets. And whether or not Wilbur is truly losing the thread of his own mind, it is a perfect time for him to start being publicly "confused." If Wilbur is 'not all there,' it would explain the napping, the bad math, the love of oppressive theocracies and even the alleged insider trading.

Maybe Wilbur Ross has gone goofy. Goofy like a fox!

Security detail loses Wilbur Ross in Hamptons takeout joint [PageSix]



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