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Steve Mnuchin Evidently No Longer Returning Anthony Scaramucci's Calls

The Mooch just needs a little favor is all.
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It's been a long strange trip for Anthony Scaramucci. After endearing himself to the Donald last year he managed to latch himself onto the Trump Express tightly enough to secure himself a government gig – not as an ambassador, nor as an unspecified policy advisor, but as the White House's communications director. The tenure was as brief as it was tumultuous, leading to the departures of Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus from the administration and of the Mooch's wife from the Mooch. Now Scaramucci spends his time getting in touch with his inner self and toying with holocaust denial.


In order to make such an illustrious career move possible, Scaramucci had to pawn off his pride and joy, his metaphorical local bodega, SkyBridge Capital. And though he initiated the process all the way back in January, even now the albatross is still hanging around his shoulders, thanks to bureaucratic snags and the fact that SkyBridge's suitor is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a labyrinth of shady Chinese shell companies with putative links to Beijing.

But according to the Mooch, the nearly yearlong process hasn't extinguished his hopes – even if it seems to have put a damper on his relationship with Steve Mnuchin:

“I’m obviously an eternal optimist and believe the deal will close," he said in an interview on Bloomberg Radio Wednesday. “I don’t see any national security reason why it wouldn’t close. That’s what the statute says. So hopefully we’ll get some news on that shortly." Asked why the deal, announced in January, hasn’t closed, Scaramucci responded, "You’d have to call the Treasury department for that."

Evidently something has broken between Mooch and Mnooch, because theoretically this should be a breeze. When Scaramucci first entered the Trump orbit during the 2016 campaign, it was to waltz the future Treasury secretary around the SALT conference in search of boots to lick. A year later, the Mooch would take a place of honor at Mnuchin's wedding, where he was reportedly treated like a star.

Now the most consequential deal in his life is being held up by Mnuchin's Treasury department – which oversees major acquisitions to make sure foreign governments aren't infiltrating vulnerable spots in the U.S. economy – and the best Scaramucci can do is throw up his hands and implore journalists to tell Mnuchin to tell the CFIUS to maybe help a brother out, please.

Remember, this is the same Mnuchin who, under threat of an agency probe as to why he'd promised a tax bill analysis that didn't exist, proffered a single-page “analysis” so lacking in analysis that it might as well not have existed in the first place. This is the guy who, when pressed over taking a government plane to Fort Knox to watch the eclipse, basically called anyone who can't be reached at a 212 area code a fucking hayseed. Which is all to say he doesn't care much about appearances.

So either HNA really is as much of a clusterfuck as the recent legal maneuvers from a former acquisition target would have you believe, or the Mooch has lost the only thing useful thing that could have come out of his rendezvous in MAGA-World: connections.

Pray for Mooch.

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