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Treasury Department To Investigate If Treasury Secretary Is A Liar Or An Incompetent

SPOILER ALERT: Steve Mnuchin is both.

Most of us have that dream...


You show up for class on the day of a huge exam, but you realize that not only are you not prepared but you haven't been to class all year. Failure is now a stone certainty. Your mind fills with dread and regret, furious at yourself that you haven't done what you were supposed to do, and now the only way to get through this is to pretend that you are ready for this and hope the world buys into your panicky fraud.

For Steve Mnuchin, being Treasury Secretary has been a 10 month-long version of that dream.

We've been pretty clear with our assessment that Mnooks might be the least-qualified Treasury Secretary in modern memory. And we've also made no bones that we believe his greatest skill is using his inherited wealth and privilege as a kind of metaphorical Crisco, slathering his body and soul with it to slide seamlessly from one golden opportunity to the next. So it didn't surprise us at all that after Stevie had told anyone that would listen that he had hundreds of people working around the clock at Treasury to score the Trump tax plan, no one could find any scoring from the Treasury Department.

And now everyone else is starting to grasp our feelings about Stevie Mnooks:

The Treasury Department’s inspector general has launched an inquiry into whether the department hid an analysis of the Republican tax bill — or even did one at all.
Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin has said economic growth stimulated by the bill’s large tax cuts would offset lost revenue and indicated his department would produce an analysis proving it.
But no analysis has been released as the Senate prepared to vote on its version of the tax legislation. The House approved its tax bill on Nov. 16.

We aren't even sure if Mnuchin was even fully aware that he had failed to get scoring done of the tax plan. It stands to reason that he assumed saying it enough times out loud would get the point across to staff that this is something he wanted done, so everyone moved at once to do it.

What we're trying to say is that while we are psyched to learn more about this investigation, but we are pretty sure that it's going to yield a finding that we already have: Steve Mnuchin didn't really like about the scoring of the tax plan so much as a Steve Mnuchin is an affluenzic adolescent 54-year-old who has no fucking clue what he is doing running the Treasury Department.

Inspector general launches inquiry into whether Treasury hid Republican tax bill analysis [LA Times]



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