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Why Even Try Anymore

Annoucning Dealbreaker's pivot to blockchain services provider for the twenty-first century.
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Last week we brought you the story of Longfin, a newly public startup trading on Nasdaq whose decision Friday to acquire a blockchain-based company called and rebrand as a crypto enterprise sent the stock shooting up over 200 percent. As we noted, the investors/algos driving the stock up evidently didn't take into account the highly unusual circumstances of the acquisition – namely, that the CEO of Longfin also happens to be the CEO of Perhaps such trifles can be overlooked given the mind-blowing potential of a “Blockchain-empowered solutions provider that offers Microfinance Lending against Collateralized Warehouse Receipts.”

Anyway, we'd expect that whatever cryptomaniacal frenzy that drove the stock to such extremes Friday would have tempered a bit over the weekend. Perhaps shares would return to the sleepy single-digit range they occupied last week.

Ah, how naive of us:


Nothing has changed between Friday and Monday, so far as we can tell, except that the $280 million market cap the company had last Wednesday is now around $7 billion.

The a 2,400 percent explosion follows a reliable pattern. A completely unknown bargain-basement company suddenly refashions itself as a crypto player and within a few minutes the stock is vertical. The bubblicious power of the crypto is not limited to the exchanges of bitcoin and its peers; cryptomania rears its head whenever even the mere mention of the blockchain occurs in the vicinity of a publicly traded stock.

There is one notable exception, though. Big established banks have been talking up their blockchain experiments for a couple years now at least, yet the effort doesn't seem to be reflected in their stock prices. When a JPMorgan or BNY Mellon announces that some early-stage trial run of a blockchain-based application has concluded successfully, there's a murmur of approval and little else. Meanwhile if some ball bearings manufacturer in Michigan announces they're pivoting to Global Cryptocurrency-Based Supply Chain Management Decentralization Via Blockchain Solutions for the Twenty-First Century, it's like they just cured cancer.

What a great time to be alive.

UPDATE: Nasdaq has had a hell of a day:

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 2.15.28 PM
Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 2.15.37 PM



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