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Area EDM DJ Falls Prey To Wine Thief

David "DJ D-SOL" Solomon seems to have lost control of his 1,000 wine room.

We used to think that David Solomon was a culinary uber-snob, a "paunchy," cultured bon vivant who loved the finer things in a late 80s Wall Street kinda way. He was the guy that we imagined helped Gary Cohn what to do with "the little spoon" at a fancy dinner. The guy who informed Lloyd that "nobody goes to Le Cirque anymore."


But then we learned that David Solomon was also DJ D-SOL, the EDM king of The West Palm retiree set. Suddenly, we realized that Solomon might be sipping less Macallan Select and more vodka Red Bulls. It felt like Mr. gourmet was morphing into a distracted party boy Apparently, we were right to worry...

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Co-President David Solomon’s personal assistant has been charged with stealing more than $1.2 million of rare wine from his boss.
Nicolas De-Meyer was named in an indictment unsealed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan. The indictment says De-Meyer worked for an "individual who collects rare and expensive wine," without naming the person. The individual is Solomon, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Oh...D-SOL. This is embarrassing. Was this thief at least smart and subtle? As to avoid the acute mind of David Solomon?

The theft included seven bottles from the French estate Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, widely considered "among the best, most expensive and rarest wines in the world," according to the indictment. Solomon has a 1,000-bottle wine storage area in his Manhattan residence, according to The Real Deal. In all, De-Meyer stole hundreds of bottles, prosecutors said.

If Harvey Schwartz isn't making his assistants fill David Solomon's office with Franzia right now, what the fuck is he doing here?

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