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Blue Collar Hero Warren Buffett Will Make $37 Billion From Tax Cuts

Wait 'til you see Oprah's 2018 tax return.
Source: AP

Source: AP

And some of you people were saying that Trump isn't trying to help poor people...

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway stands to reap a $37 billion windfall from the tax reform bill Congress passed in December.
The boon results from the diversified conglomerate lowering its tax liability on appreciated investments, according to Barclays. The measure of assets minus liabilities rose 12 percent, a number that corresponds to the earnings gain the company could receive, Barclays said. Morgan Stanley has put the earnings increase closer to 14 percent, according to Bloomberg, which first reported the Berkshire gain.

Suck it, snowflakes!

Buffett's Berkshire stands to gain $37 billion windfall from tax plan [CNBC]


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