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Elon Musk Admits To Being Lame At Orgies

"When's Elon gonna shut up about The Singularity and plow someone?" thought all the VCs, standing there naked from the fleece vest down.



Elon Musk attended a now-notorious event at a Silicon Valley investor's home that has been described as a "sex party" — but a spokesperson told Business Insider that Musk says there was no lurid behaviour while he was there.


In a statement to Business Insider, a spokesperson for the Tesla and SpaceX founder confirmed he was there, but that he believed it was a "corporate' costume-themed party and spent his time there talking about technology and business before leaving at 1 a.m.
They said: "Elon was at the party for a couple hours and left around 1am after talking with several DFJ-funded entrepreneurs about technology and building companies. His impression was that it was a corporate party with a costume theme, not a 'sex party', and there was no indication that it would become one after he left. "

How can you trust this man to take us to space when he can't even differentiate between a Silicon Valley nerd chat and a Silicon Valley fuck fest?

Elon Musk confirms he was the an alleged Silicon Valley 'sex party' until 1am — but he thought it was a costume party and left early [BI]