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Greg Coffey Very Excited About Future Career In Subleasing

The ex-GLG and Moore Capital man’s lease may prove longer lasting than his new hedge fund.
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We do not know how long former GLG Partners star trader (and former Moore Capital Management most-impressive-but-somewhat-less-than-star-trader) Greg Coffey’s lease in Belgravia runs for. All we know is that he’s got 3,000 square feet on Sloane Street ready to welcome his return to the hedge fund industry after five years’ exile on his native former prison colony. If, however, the lease extends much beyond a few years, we suspect that the easily-bored Coffey may yet have a future in commercial real-estate rentals.

Crocodile Greg Coffey

Coffey is expected to launch his latest venture alongside James Saltissi, a former colleague from his days at GLG Partners who now works at investment firm Abbeville Partners, according to people familiar with the plans. Prime brokers have been appointed.

He left GLG in 2008 to start his own hedge fund but shelved the plans months later to join Moore Capital…. Coffey departed Moore after four years amid reports his performance had failed to live up to the returns he generated at GLG….

Star trader Greg Coffey leases Belgravia office ahead of hedge fund return [Financial News]


Crocodile Greg Coffey

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Crocodile Greg Coffey

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Make millions, lose millions, who cares, what's the point of it all? Greg Coffey, co-chief investment officer of Moore Capital Management LLC’s European business, is leaving the hedge-fund industry after a 20-year trading career, according to a letter sent to investors...Assets in Coffey’s macro fund have slumped to about $100 million from as much as $1.6 billion in 2010. The fund had fallen about 10 percent this year through August before rebounding almost 9 percent last month, according to people with knowledge of the matter, who asked not to be named because the information is private. The fund lost 5 percent last year. Coffey realized that after he had recovered most of this year’s losses in one week in September, he wasn’t as excited about his gains as he might have been in the past, two people who know him said. Coffey then decided it was time to end his 20-year career trading, the people said. Moore Capital’s Coffey to Retire From Hedge-Fund Industry [Bloomberg]

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