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Ice Cream Company Pivots, Eschews Blockchain Fad For Obvious Cannabis Cryogenic Play

We like where your head is at, Dippin' Dots.

These days, if you hear about a novelty food company pivoting its business model a bit, you immediately start to think Blockchain. But one Kentucky-based flash frozen beaded ice cream company is apparently charting yet a different course:

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 12.59.25 PM

The nation's leading flash frozen beaded ice cream company, Dippin' Dots, today announces the launch of Dippin' Dots Cryogenics, L.L.C. Leveraging its 30 years of experience and its intellectual property in cryogenic processes and machinery, Dippin' Dots Cryogenics will make Dippin' Dots' patented technology and equipment available to other cutting-edge industries where cryogenics is applicable including nutraceutical, pharmacy, agriculture, aquaculture and animal feed.

Dippin' Dots is gonna start freezing plants, because there will be huge upside margin in bespoke agricultural/holistic pharma solutions during 2018.

Hahaha, JK, you guys. Dippin' Dots is obviously dipping a toe in the legalized cannabis industry! And while the company might want to deny it til the cows come home...and spurt out frozen dots, wejust want to point out that the truth is right there in the press release:

"The small footprint and exceptional volume capacity is what makes the Dippin' Dots Cryogenics processor stand out," said Dippin' Dots Chief Development Officer Stan Jones. "We understand its capabilities beyond what we foundationally use it for and look forward to sharing our innovations with other industries."
The Dippin' Dots Cryogenicsprocess uses liquid nitrogen to flash freeze products that require high-quality standards. More specifically, the process is suitable as a first step for any products that need to be freeze dried. Industries that create probiotics, bacterial cultures and plant extractions are key examples. The small pellets provide the ideal surface area for freeze drying while maintaining the integrity of the media culture.

Sure, you can see this as an ice cream company in Paducah, Kentucky merely ramping up and monetizing industrial operations in a segment of its business, but we see a corporation based in a state with notoriously sticky icky and a growing interest in legalization that produces a stoner food staple laying the groundwork to become an early major player in a legal weed market primed to explode across state lines in the coming years. That's SYNERGY, baby!

And it's also a dope niche. Cryogenic extraction is a big deal in the cannabis industry, and the types of weed byproducts that are gaining the most traction come from small-scale cryogenic processes. Essentially, Dippin' Dots could make it possible for legal dispensaries to sell little "dabs" in pre-packaged bowls. they might even make them multi-colored! [Ed note: Yes please.]

Now all Dippin' Dots needs to do is be a little less coy and do an ICO to raise liquidity for more machinery and legal costs. We're not saying that this is the best business move of 2018, but we are saying that it has a substantial lead in the clubhouse.


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