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Irish Dad Brian Moynihan Refuses To Let His Clients Experiment With Bitcoin In His House

When it comes to parenting clients around cryptos, BriMo is not taking "I'd rather you try it here" approach.

Every modern parent knows that when it comes to risky behavior like drinking, drugs or sex, you'd rather confront the inevitable and create a safe space for your impressionable children to experiment safely. More often than not, that safe space is at home, allowing the modern parent to monitor and advise, giving them an opportunity to safeguard their progeny from the dangers of their own curiosity.


Brian Moynihan is not a modern parent:

Bank of America Corp. customers are welcome to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, just not through the lender’s Merrill Lynch unit, Chief Executive Officer Brian Moynihan said.

If you've got the urge to move some money from your BofA checking account into your Merrill Lynch trading account and experience the dangerous excitement of crypto trading, be warned; Brian Moynihan is not leaving you condoms in the medicine cabinet.

“We have limited our relationships and I think the thing speaks for itself,” Moynihan said Wednesday on a call with reporters after reporting fourth-quarter results. “We’ve basically told people that they could buy it in other accounts, but not at Merrill Lynch. And so it’s just our view that customers should be careful here.”

You can roll your IRA into Ripple, sure, but you're damn well not doing it under BriMo's roof...DO YOU HEAR HIM?!

BofA Clients Welcome to Buy Bitcoin, CEO Says, Just Not at BofA [Bloomberg]



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