JPMorgan: Buy The Prospective Dip

Why buy this dip when Jamie can help you buy the next one?



Jamie Dimon Moderates Bitcoin Stance From "Fraud" To "Meh"

The future president is thisclose to buying some Ripple, you guys.

Layoffs Watch '16: Rebellious JPMorgan Treasuries Traders

Jamie is not f@cking around with compliance these days.


US Regulators Seemingly Dead-Set On Fining Deutsche Bank All Of The Money

Good news! John Cryan can stop wondering when the next massive fine is coming down the pike.

JPM Texas

JPMorgan Preparing To Become New York's Most Powerful Texas-Based Financial Institution

Jamie Dimon's obsession with being the next JR Ewing is becoming difficult to ignore.

Dell's Tab For Big Data Relevancy Comes To About $67 Billion

Why be nimble when you can be historically huge?

JP Morgan Already Knows That You're Breaking Bad

Jamie's eyes are watching you, they see your every move...and even the ones you haven't made yet.


JPMorgan Embarrassed To Admit That It Was Ever Friends With That Ratchet Skank Wells Fargo

Jamie Dimon's crew used to think Wells was cool or whatever, but they were soooo wrong.