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Ray Dalio: You’re Going To Feel ‘Pretty Stupid’ For Holding Cash

And while Ray is being radically transparent, he knows you already cheated on that 2018 diet plan...fatty.



Connecticut Mercifully Doles Out $22 Million Of Financial Aid To Ray Dalio

The Nutmeg State is being radically transparent about its own co-dependency.

Coming soon to a Bridgewater office near you.

Dalio To Mnuchin: Don't Be Stupid, You Moron

Ray's not trying to stir shit up here, but he would like the Treasury Secretary to know that he's wrong, powerless, and dumb.

Coming soon to a Bridgewater office near you.

Ray Dalio On Markets: Dance Like Everyone's Watching

The Westport Woodsman sees danger ahead... and pictures a very boring dance party


Rational Analysis of Donald Trump Is Ray Dalio's Psychological Waterloo

The King of Radical Transparency attempting to to understand The Clown Prince of Constant Bullshit is truly something to behold.