Steve Cohen Ponying Up For Sequel To The Don, Paul and Mitch Show

The Point72 chief invests $3 million in prolonging our awful status quo.

There are some who look at the patently ridiculous, almost comically mendacious and hilariously inept state of the United States government and think, “Things could perhaps be better.” There are the obvious ones, like George Soros, Tom Steyer and Jim Simons. There’s Ray Dalio, too. Even Trump supporter Jeff Gundlach thinks the things emerging from the Republican-controlled Congress to land on the nominally Republican president’s desk aren’t exactly ideal.


Steve Cohen is not among these people. No, the once and future hedge fund king (and once and future Chris Christie moneyman) looks at the nuclear, fiscal and humanitarian brinksmanship that masquerades as “governance” in 21st century America and says, “Yes. Two more years of this at least.”

According to campaign finance records, Cohen has donated a total $2 million last year to the Senate Leadership Fund super PAC, which is dedicated to maintaining the GOP majority in the Senate, as well $1 million to the Congressional Leadership Fund, another super PAC to protect the GOP’s hold on the House. He is the top contributor to both funds, records show.

Billionaire Steven Cohen ramps up GOP donations amid hedge fund comeback [Fox Business]