Steve Mnuchin Throwing A Snowball At Andrew Ross Sorkin Is Steve Mnuchin In His Purest Form

Joe Kernen was sitting RIGHT THERE, you monster!

The global elite slumber party in the snow is coming to an end, so people are cutting loose and straight clowning at The Davos Global Economic Forum today. And despite already having played the best practical joke of the week by "not" saying that he likes a weak US dollar, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is one of the folks looking for some fun on the last day of an intense week, especially since the world's reserve currency managed to survive the most obvious indicator yet that he hasn't the foggiest fuck of an idea what he's doing at the Treasury Department.

But it turns out that when Steve Mnuchin tries to josh around like a human bro, we get this...

Sure this video is cringingly bizarre, but it also manages to capture the very essence of Steve Mnuchin.

It's all there, the Transition shades, the gormless smile, the "Do you have me on camera?" when they obviously have him on camera (he's in a fucking TV studio), the two snowballs that he didn't make - because what's more Stevie Mnooks than being offered a curated choice of snowballs for what's supposed to come off as a playful moment? - and the throw itself: an sub-athletic movement that reinforces everything you assumed about Steve Mnuchin's ability to throw literally anything.

An we won't even get into the meaning of what kind of sick mind throws a snowball at Andrew Ross Sorkin when Joe Kernen is SITTING RIGHT FUCKING THERE!!!

Enjoy your flight home, Mister Secretary, your performance in Davos sucked...a lot.