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When Trump Said "Russia!" Gary Cohn And Dina Powell Said "Movie Night!"

In which we learn that Donald's Goldmanites were always going to put everyone else in the woodchipper.

While the first Gary Cohn-related bombshell to come out of Michael Wolff's forthcoming curbstomp of the Trump Administration was pretty wondrous, it seems like there are others. And while less illustrative of Gary's soul-crushing existence in the West Wing, one in particular is chock-full of fun little details.


According to a passage from Fire and Fury excerpted by Axios, when the Trump administration was in the throes of one of its panics over the Trump campaign's meetings with Russians, things seem to have gone The Full Tennessee Williams" for Trump's nearest and dearest...

On the the July 8 preparation aboard Air Force One of the initial (and false) explanation, made under Trump's personal direction, about the Trump Tower meeting with Russians during the campaign: "Ivanka, according to the later recollection of her team, would shortly leave the meeting, take a pill, and go to sleep. Jared, in the telling of his team, might have been there, but he was 'not taking a pencil to anything.'"

But, as we've already learned, Gary Cohn and Dina Powell had a habit of 'having somewhere else to be' when anything even vaguely Russian was mentioned in their presence. What we didn't know was how obvious they were about creating plausible deniability....

"Nearby, in a small conference room watching the movie Fargo, were Dina Powell, Gary Cohn, Stephen Miller, and H. R. McMaster, all of whom would later insist that they were, however physically close to the unfolding crisis, removed from it."

They were literally doing "Movie Night?" Those are some 200 West Street-sized balls. And that's not even taking account the choice of film.

We can even picture the moment that the woodchipper scene ended. Dina hitting pause and telling McMaster to take a pee break before Gary turned to Stephen Miller and whispered menacingly "When this shit goes south, I'M Stormare. And you? You're Buscemi, motherfucker."

Then, we assume, Gary would go back to his office and cry.

[Editor's note: Dear Stephanie Ruhle - just to be clear - we pretty much made this one up too.]

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