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And Now, Please Watch This Video Of Jim Cramer Weeping With With Inchoate Joy

May you ever love something as much as the Mad Dog of Wall Street loves his Eagles.

When the dust settled on Super Bowl LII (an admittedly good game between two objectively despicable franchises [Go Giants!]), The Philadelphia Eagles were in possession of their first Lombardi Trophy and a rabid fan base so used to aggravated assault disappointment was finally able to feel joy.

And that unbridled relief of realizing a dream deferred was perhaps best personified by the reaction of one man/one fan/one stock picker extroidinaire; Jim Cramer. The Mad One, a lifelong Eagles fan, was at the game last night and the magic of his attendance will be preserved for all time thanks to the Twitter account of his wife, Lisa Detwiler. As the confetti dropped from the rafters and Tom Brady dropped to his plant-based ass, Detwiler turned he camera phone on her husband and caprtured a moment of...magic?

Sure, we can all mock what Jim Cramer looks like while weeping about sports, but if we're honest with ourselves don't we all wish that we felt about something like Jim Cramer feels about the Philadelphia Eagles?

So, congrats to Cramer and his team. Now please never make us watch you do this ever again...



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