Bonus Watch '18: Everything's Coming Up BriMo!!! - Dealbreaker

Bonus Watch '18: Everything's Coming Up BriMo!!!

Granted that his face muscles can still remember how, Brian Moynihan should crack a smile.
Brian Moynihan/Getty Images

Brian Moynihan/Getty Images

It happened, you guys. It finally happened!

Bank of America Corp. boosted Chief Executive Officer Brian T. Moynihan’s compensation to $23 million for 2017, a 15 percent increase from a year earlier.
Moynihan, 58, received $21.5 million in stock grants and a $1.5 million salary, the Charlotte, North Carolina-based lender said Friday in a regulatory filing. Half of the equity awards are linked to performance over three years. The rest includes restricted stock units that vest regardless of performance and others that settle in cash within one year. He hasn’t received a cash bonus since 2007.

That sound you hear is the Dealbreaker office standing up at once and slow-clapping the man that has toiled and suffered for so long just to feel the softest brush of approval from the bank he so deeply loves.

So try and crack a smile, BriMo, you deserve it. But don't spend it all at once, because shit is getting pretty crazy out there.

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